Brief history of food delivery services

While it is certainly very true that food delivery services are most popular and common in this era than it was ever in the history but still you cannot say that it is a modern invention. The main reason of food deliver being popular right now is the advancements in technology and the busy schedules of everyone that would compel one to drive even salad delivery Abu Dhabi to their offices and homes. So let’s take a look at how and who invented this amazing option of food delivery that is saving lives today.

The idea of food takeaway dates way back to in ancient Rome. This is when thermopoliums were introduced. Thermopolium were the ancient Roman invention where hot food was cooked and stored in clay pots to keep it warm for longer periods of time. Thermopoliums were huge and not everyone could afford such a place in their house to dedicate to an entire kitchen unlike today where a house is not complete without one. Thus the poor were left with no option of hot food and this is where the street kitchens come into the picture.

The food that was prepared at thermopolium was bought by the people and taken back at home. Now because the food was taken from the kitchen to someplace else by the customer themselves, the concept of takeaway was already established.

The first incident of food delivery took place in Italy when the King and Queen ordered their servant to bring them a pizza from a renowned chef in Italy just out of laziness – sounds familiar? The pizza was presented to the royal majesty and finally food delivery took shape – but still there wasn’t a name for such thing until it became a proper business in India.

Not later a man in India started a ‘dabba wala’ service where he would deliver home cooked meals mostly to hardworking labours who couldn’t leave their jobs based in different locations in Bombay – now known as Mumbai. The concept was grasped quickly by the Indians and soon there were thousands of people delivering food in their area. Even to this date in the modern world of food delivery there are still some home services that are run by the housewives effectively. Visit for further details.