Reasons why we should consider using renewable energy sources for electricity generation

If you don’t know what renewable energy sources are and why we should consider using them to cut down our reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation, then you must continue reading this article, so that you could know how important it is for us to increase the use of renewable energy in Dubai.

Renewable energy sources are energy sources that can be used to generate electricity at a much cheaper cost than what we spend on electricity generation using fossil fuels. Water, wind and sun are the most popular sources of renewable energy that we use today for power generation. Where prices of fossil fuels are increasing with each passing day, renewable energy sources are available for us for free to be used for electricity generation. Although, we need to make an initial investment on setting up plants and power generation systems that are used to produce electricity through renewable energy sources.

Another important and crucial reason for us to use renewable energy sources and cut down the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation is the alarming fact that the fossil fuel reserves that we have on earth are getting exhausted at a very high speed. As we need energy to perform almost every activity that we do in our lives, we are burning fossil fuels to fulfill our energy requirements. With the rise in population and development, our energy requirements are increasing with each passing day. What this means is that soon we will be facing a severe energy crises as we will have no more fossil fuels with us to burn to generate electricity.  This makes it extremely important for us to start shifting towards renewable energy sources that we are sure will be there for billions of years and can provide a reliable source of energy generation.

Moreover, fossil fuels that we use for electricity generation are causing serious threat to our environment. According to scientists, when we burn fossil fuels for power generation, we omit significant amounts of carbon in the atmosphere which is damaging our ecosystem by triggering global warming. Believe it or not, carbon that is released by power generation plants is also damaging ozone layer which is another serious threat to the environment. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are also green energy sources which have no negative impact on the environment. This deems it necessary for us to increase the utilization of renewable energy sources so that we could have a reliable alternative to the fossil fuels which is also environment friendly. Look at this for more information in this regard.