The real deal behind Dalgona Coffee

With the COVID-19 taking a toll over all of our lives almost everyone is tired and bored out of their minds which leads us to some amazingly fun ideas that could light up our moods. Dalgona coffee seems to be one of those. If you are behind – or for some reason living in social media distanced isolation during quarantine then let us do the honours of describing what Dalgona coffee actually is and what’s the hype behind it?

Originating from a Korean reality TV cooking show, Dalgona coffee refers to the frothy creamy and aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee with a trendy turn to it. When the coffee was first introduced, people were skeptical to know if it is really worth the hype and as good as it sounds to be which made it an over night internet sensation.

The ingredients which you need to start making your Dalgona coffee is instant coffee, water and sugar. Mix them together and you will be ready with a frothy mixture. But here’s the catch, you will have to mix it for more than ten minutes in order to achieve the consistency. As simple as this sounds it really isn’t. Grab your fork or a whisk and start stirring the solution and in just a few minutes you will realize the kind of workout it turns out to be. Most of the people complain that their mixture never turned frothy despite using best coffee beans in Dubai, well that’s because coffee beans is not what this recipe demands for.

So once you do achieve that consistency after minutes – which seems like hours – of stirring you need to very carefully pour it above milk – either iced or warmed, as per your preference – and click a few pictures. Come on, you deserve that insta worthy picture which speaks volume of the arm workout which you just went through – give yourself some credit.

But on a serious note, is the dalgona coffee worth the hype? Well, it certainly tastes good, smells good, looks good but a lot of hard work to achieve the results. Most of us would prefer our good old coffee machine in UAE over dalgona coffee on the weekdays and sometimes dalgona on self pampered weekends. Both of these types hold their own importance, so simply enjoy and stay safe during quarantine.